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Summer, 2019

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Biannual  Meeting - 2019

Summer, 2019 (Friday - Sunday)
Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines is a city where you can catch a Broadway show on a Friday night and spend a Saturday morning at the Downtown Farmers’ Market. A place where you can experience locally-owned restaurants and live music venues. Spend your day shopping boutiques in the Historic East Village, Valley Junction and West Glen Town Center. Explore public art, endless trails and family-friendly attractions. Catch a city where affordability and easy meet fun and unique. Catch it all in Des Moines, Iowa.

The history of Des Moines can be traced to 1834, when John Dougherty, an Indian Agent at Fort Leavenworth, Ks, recommended that a military post be established at the point where the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers merge. Nine years later, May 1843, Captain James Allen and a company of dragoons from Fort Sanford arrived on the site. Captain Allen proposed to name the garrison Fort Raccoon but was directed by the War Department to use the name Fort Des Moines. The origin of the name is uncertain, but most historians agree that the name probably initially referred to the river. Some people feel that 'Des Moines' is derived from the Indian word 'moingona' meaning river of the mounds which referred to the burial mounds that were located near the banks of the river. Others are of the opinion that name applies to the Trappist Monks (Moines de la Trappe) who lived in huts at the mouth of the Des Moines river. French voyagers referred to the river as La Riviere des Moines. The consensus seems to be that Des Moines is a variation of Moingona, Moingonan, Moingoun, Mohingona, or Moningounas, as shown on early maps.

Iowa Genealogical Society was founded in 1965 by a small group of dedicated genealogists who met in members’ houses and carried the original collection in an orange crate. Today, their membership is worldwide and the book collection alone spans the length of over 5 football fields.

Events and Itinerary

Thursday Evening, 2019: Arrival and Check in

Friday,  2019:

Saturday,  2019:

Sunday, 2019; Brunch at the Hotel followed by annual meeting

Annual Meeting Agenda

Summer, 2019

  1. Introduction of Members
  2. Thank You to our host - Joseph Cory
  3. Reading of Minutes -
  4. Officers - New Treasurer
  5. Treasurer's Report - Christina Cory
  6. Genealogy Report - Thomas Corey
  7. DNA Research Report - Thomas Corey
  8. Website and Database Report - Earl Cory
  9. Future of Society
  10. Location and date for next Cory Family Reunion
  11. Approval for expensing of the meeting
  12. Adjournment