2023 Cory Family Society Reunion & Biennial Meeting
September 13-16, 2023

Pacific Grove, California

The next Cory Family Society meeting will be in Pacific Grove, California September 13-16, 2023. Pacific Grove and Monterey peninsula are popular tourist destinations.  We have listed Details of Events and possible tours on our 2023 Meeting page.  We would like to get a head count and your feedback on what would interest you. Please complete and send to us by June 1,2023, sooner if possible. The sooner we know if you are attending, the better idea we will have of the cost for each tour and the availability of reservations.

Please fill out the Information/Registration form and mail to us.

2022 Cory Friends Get-Together
July 4-8, 2022
Warner Corton Costal Village, The Street, Corton, Suffolk, NR32 5HR

The Cory Friends group in the UK held a Get-Together this year at the Warner Corton Costal Village. Their 2022 Newsletter gives an account of the Gathering in July.

Anita Louise Johnson Simonsen

Anita Louise JohnsonAnita Louise Johnson Simonsen was born in Glendale, California, on June 10, 1944, to Helen and David C. Johnson. Anita died at home in Billings, Montana on March 2, 2022 after a long battle with cancer.

Anita is the second great granddaughter of Lamuel Veneman (1812-1867) and Matilda Ann Cory (1828-1896) from the John of Southold Line.

When Anita was a few months old her father was called to active duty during World War II, so mother and baby moved to Billings to live with Anita's grandparents. When Dave returned from military duty in the Pacific, he rejoined the family in Billings. Anita's sister, Cheryl, was born in 1947.

Anita attended Billings schools and was the first class at Lewis and Clark Junior High and was a member of the first class to graduate from Billings West High in 1962. On March 21, 1963, Anita married Allen "Al" Simonsen when both were students at Eastern Montana College. In 1964 the Simonsens and their son, Brett, moved to Glasgow where Al taught high school English and Anita worked as a Nurse's Aide between having babies. Four more children were added to the family in the next 8 years. The Simonsens also were foster parents to approximately 75 foster children.

As well as working at the Glasgow hospital, Anita took an Emergency Medical Technician class and worked as an on-call EMT.

When all the children were in school, Anita enrolled at Northern Montana College to complete her nursing degree she had started before she was married. After challenging some classes, she finished her associate's degree in nursing, top of her class.

In 1990, with all kids graduated from high school, the Simonsens moved to eastern California and later Gardnerville where Anita worked for a surgical practice in Carson City. In 2002 they moved to Billings to be near grandchildren, children and parents. Anita immediately got a job at Billings Clinic where she had started her medical career when in high school. Anita retired in 2009 and dedicated more time genealogy.

Anita was a member of Shining Mountain Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution where she was a past-Regent. She was also a member of Daughters of 1812. A Lutheran by marriage, she was a member of King of Glory Lutheran Church in Billings.

Anita is survived by her husband, Al, daughter Brenda Twete of Whitefish, sons Eric, Stuart, and Mark of Billings and sister Cheryl (Dale) Miller of Billings, nine grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, Dave and Helen Johnson, son, Brett and infant baby girl. Cremation has taken place. A memorial service will be held at King of Glory Lutheran Church at 2 p.m. on Saturday March 5, 2022. Dahl Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

The Early History of WILLIAM CORY of Portsmouth, Rhode Island
and his Descendants FAMILY HISTORY

by Charlotte Muller

This book contains material not previously published on the William Cory/Corey Family. It includes transcriptions of early papers, maps, wills, deeds, pictures, houses, and documented stories.

It is available for download here in PDF format.

Minnetin Ka, Daughter of Chief of Narragansetts

Over the years there has been a lot of speculation about Elizabeth Gasesett as to if she was of native American descent. Christian Alexander Boudreau, of the William/Bristol line has done an extensive analysis of the available data. We have included his paper on our Articles page.

My Analysis of the Tradition Concerning the Native American Roots of “Elizabeth” (Unknown Surname/“Elizabeth Gasesett”) (Born Circa 1660), Wife of “John Cory Senior” (Born Circa 1658) of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States of America [sic British America]
Christian Alexander Boudreau

John 1 of Southold DNA Update

Joseph Corey, our 2019 meeting coordinator, received results from his yDNA submittal to the Oxford Ancestry. The results confirms the Norse Ancestry with High Confidence. Interesting discussion of Norse control came to an end in 1472 when the Isles of Orkney and Shetland reverted to Scottish sovereignty. For anyone on the John 1 line, this should save you about £500.  Joe has furnished three reports: Results, Analysis, and Y-Clan Interpretation.

In other DNA news, Bill Corey, descendant of John Corey of Roxbury, is upgrading to Y-111 at FTDNA. Bill was one of the original subjects of the Cory Family Society Y DNA testing back in the 2000s. That testing showed he is in the John Cory I line, and that has been confirmed at FTDNA with Y-67. David A. Cory has spent a lot of time looking at Bill's ancestry, and has circumstantial evidence that his earliest known ancestor, John Corey of Roxbury, MA, was a grandson of John Cory I. John Cory I had three grandsons named John. One was John Cory III, ancestor to Joe, Mark, and David. He was the son of John Cory II. Another grandson died in Southold in 1754. From his will and other evidence, David believes he was a son of Abraham Cory. That leaves John, son of Jacob. He may be the John Cory who married Mary Griggs in Roxbury, MA in 1713. David plans to finish an article on the first 3 generations of American Corys that lays out all the evidence. Look for it in a future newsletter.


Maintaining redundant locations for our published databases is time consuming and unnecessary. We have decided to use Ancestry.com Public Trees for our primary location of published genealogies and will no longer publish the databases to this website.

Genealogies of each line will be published to Ancestry as time permits. We not able to sync new information to the published trees every time a database is updated.  New information (additions, corrections, changes) are made almost every day.  Please contact the and he will be happy provide the latest updates.

The following seven of our ten databases have been published to seven Ancestry.com public trees.

Three additional databases, Devon Corys, Irish Corrys, and Scottish Corries are under development and will be published in the future.

Corys of America, First and Second Editions
by Al B. Cory

Are now available online

Genealogical records assembled in the register format.  Consists of two Volumes containing five books, indexed. These books are the result of many years the compiler and the gracious input by other Cory-Corey researchers.

The genealogies described on this site were derived from the databases used to create these books over 20 years ago. The current databases are much more complete and up-to-date. Please contact the and he will create a PDF version of the line that you are interested in and email it to you, free of charge.

Volume I
Available Online

Book I John Cory of Southold, Long Island, New York
Ca 1640 through 1996. Contains 875 pages, Indexed. 13,149 Names, 4407 Marriages, 3,158 Locations and 14 Generations. The book covers New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, California, Washington and many more states at different time frames.

Book II..  The Compilers Mother's family.
Includes Busroe, Downs, Willis, Witten, Cain, Philips and many more. Willis from early 1600's, Virginia and Kentucky. Wittens from 1500's, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky. Downs, 1700's Virginia and Kentucky, Busroe 1825 Kentucky. 503 Names and genealogical data.   44 pages, indexed, 503 individuals, 126 marriages, 182 locations, 9 generations.

Volume II
Available Online

Book III  William Cor(e)y of Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Ca 1640 through 1995.  Contains 603 pages, indexed, 8,847 individuals, 2,994 marriages, 2,252 locations, 12 generations.  The book starts in Portsmouth, Rhode Island with reference to England, Williams birth place.  It continues throughout the United States with his descendants.

Book IV Thomas Cor(e)y of Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Ca 1700s through 1995.  There are 91 pages, 3,640 names, 478 marriages, 484 locations, and 12 generations of descendants.

Book V Cor(e)y Progenitors
Progenitors who could not be linked in the books above.  Starts ca 1600s. There are 109 pages, 1,955 individuals, 726 marriages, 876 locations, 14 generations. Giles Cory, the martyr of the Salem Witch Trials is included in this section.

Price Second Edition: Each Volume is $35.00, Both Volumes $65.00, Postage Paid.

First Edition:
Available online.

Same Progenitors, less information.

The Great Book of John Cory

The Great BookJohn Cory was a weaver who lived on the eastern end of Long Island in the seventeenth century. Marge Chilson, as historian of the Cory Family Society, performed a great service to John Cory’s descendants when she published two booklets—Excerpts from the Greate Book in 1991 and Cory Correspondence in 1994. The first booklet included photocopies of pages from a book which was passed down through generations of John Cory’s descendants. The most interesting pages were those with handwriting. The booklet Cory Correspondence included letters written by James Enos Cory, a descendant who researched the Greate Book in the twentieth century. The Great Book still exists, though in delicate condition. Even in 1991, Marge noted in her Excerpts, “The book is in very fragile condition, & it doesn’t bear handling.” Despite the risk of further damage, she and the descendants then in possession of the book felt it was important to preserve images of some of its pages by photocopying them, and these copies were included in Excerpts from the Great Book and Cory Correspondence.

In a new essay, The Great Book of John Cory, Dr. David Cory, M.D. examines in detail some of the mysteries of the Great Book, and suggest solutions when possible.

The Corys and Sir Francis Drake?

Learn more...

Cory Society DNA Project

A project was undertaken by the Cory Family Society to determine the genetic relationships between Cory/Corey family lines in North America and Britain by analyzing Y-chromosome markers. We wished to learn whether or not the progenitors: William of Portsmouth, John of Long Island, and Thomas of Chelmsford were genetically related. Each had arrived in America during the period 1635-1645. We also wished to learn where in Britain the progenitors lived before arriving in America, and to what current Cory lines in Britain they might be related.

Don't understand DNA - No problem.  Download DNA Basics for a understandable overview.

Inquires and Corrections

The Cory Family Society welcomes inquires/corrections. When sending inquires or corrections, please indicate which line of the family you are inquiring about.


The Cory Family Society publishes a newsletter three times a year to its members. All past issues of the newsletters are on-line, in PDF format.

Publications and Articles

Several members of the Society have written articles or published works on their ancestors, check out the Publications and the Articles pages.