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Last Cory Meeting

July 23-27, 2010
Bristol, Cardif, Bath UK

Annual Meetings

Western PA Area
Cory Reunion Association

Our 2015 Annual Meeting
September 17-22, New London Ct.

Over the weekend of September 17-20, 2015, members of the Cory Family Society, in the words of event organizer Samantha Corey, “traveled from afar to celebrate Cory family history and explore New London, CT, and Southold, NY, with the family!”

Friday, September 18, local historian Mark Roberts led a tour of the New London, CT, area. New London is on the Thames River, which Mark told us is pronounced the way it looks to us, rather than the English way – something to do with Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert’s difficulty saying the word! In Harkness State Park, we explored the seaside grounds of the Harkness Mansion, once the summer home of the family of a “silent partner” of oil magnate John D. Rockefeller.

See the full report in the upcoming newsletter.

The Corys and Sir Francis Drake?

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Cory Society DNA Project

Reports by Arthur T. Corey and Thomas Corey

A project was undertaken by the Cory Family Society to determine the genetic relationships between Cory/Corey family lines in North America and Britain by analyzing Y-chromosome markers. We wished to learn whether or not the progenitors: William of Portsmouth, John of Long Island, and Thomas of Chelmsford were genetically related. Each had arrived in America during the period 1635-1645. We also wished to learn where in Britain the progenitors lived before arriving in America, and to what current Cory lines in Britain they might be related.

October 2002 Report January 2003 Report June 2006 Report August 2007 Report February 2014 Report

1850 Census On Line
Prepared by Art Corey

All of the New England States are covered. A number of Southern states had no Cory/Corey families listed in the 1850 census. Most of the Western states existed only as territories which did not have a census until 1860.


Genealogies of each of the branches will be published on this web site as time permits. I am not able to publish new information to the site every time the database is updated.  As new information (additions, corrections, changes) is provided, update our Society Databases.  Please contact the and he will provide the latest updates.

Inquires and Corrections

The Cory Family Society welcomes inquires/corrections. When sending inquires or corrections, please indicate which branch of the family you are inquiring about.


The Cory Family Society publishes a newsletter three times a year to its members. All but one past issue of the newsletters are on-line, in PDF format.

Publications and Articles

Several members of the Society have written articles or published works on their ancestors, check out the Publications and the Articles pages.